What Is Your Concept of a Meaningful Life Essay

What is your Concept of a Meaningful Life Essay? I'm sure if you are like me you've contemplated this at least once. It's a funny thing we all go through and I have seen some people give an essay that didn't capture the feelings of the students who had to read it. They felt dejected and not at all uplifted by what they had read. It didn't seem to make any sense.

It is my contention that what is your concept of a meaningful essay is the fact that many instructors don't stress the importance of the essay throughout the entire tenure of teaching. They focus on the written word and spend very little time critiquing the concepts and ideas that students bring to the table. A good instructor will spend time talking about the essay and what it will mean to the student. They may even explain why they are writing the essay and what they plan to do with it.

One of the things that I hear from many college and university administrators is that they are afraid that if they give a test or a quiz that the student will fail. Can you imagine the uproar if the administrators were to give an essay in class and the student did not understand it and failed. It would lead to an argument and many consequences. I find that absolutely wrong!

The essay is not what is important. The essay should not become the cause or the reason why the student failed. The essay is important because it is the culmination of the student's effort to understand the material. An essay is the opportunity for the student to articulate his or her reasons for choosing a particular topic area. It is the reason why the student chose the particular course.

What is your concept of a meaningful life? The concept is the question that the writer poses for the reader. Why is this person writing this particular essay? Why is he or she writing this particular paper?

To answer the question "what is your concept of a meaningful life," one must make a commitment to live what is written in his or her essay. 500 word essay example is not enough to write an essay to obtain a grade. The writer must live what is written in the essay. To have short essay format , there must be intent. The writer's purpose in writing the essay must be to use the essay as a vehicle to tell a life story, if that is his or her goal. If that is the case, then the essay becomes very important.

Many students who have lived a life that is not on track seek a more personal way to express themselves. They have asked the question "what is your concept of a life story?" And they have sought the answer by studying literature, visiting the grave sites of those who have passed, asking those who are still alive about their life experiences and what they did with their lives. Students who have lived a less than perfect life seek to make amends for the bad decisions they made in the past. Or, they may want to find a way to use their life story to better benefit those around them.

The answer to what is your concept of a life story is not simple. Some of us prefer to tell it in a story. Others prefer to see it on a canvas. Still others like to see it on the computer screen, in a photo, or printed on some other media. But, all of us can agree that having the ability to share part of ourselves through that sharing requires that we at least understand what it means to live a full life. The life we have chosen is the life we live.

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